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Our Business

We are a B2C and B2B supplier of Stockfish to the international market.

We Have One Goal

To Supply The Highest Quality
Stockfish To Our Customer

As an international team of stockfish consumers, we appreciate the importance of the Cod and Stockfish to the many cultures across the world that have it as part of their tradition, history and diet. As a key ingredient in traditional dishes, we want to ensure that everybody has access to the fish, when the need is there. We supply high quality, air dried stockfish from the arctic region of Norway. Our products are a great fit for delicious family meals as well as restaurants serving up their own variety of the fish. Your satisfaction as a customer is our main priority, and we hope that you will enjoy our products!

Our Values

We believe in transparency, traceability and sustainability. We guarantee the origin and quality of our products. 

Our Mission

Our Mission is to achieve 100% Customer Satisfaction. We aim to achieve this by exporting only the highest quality seafood, and ensuring our customer has an excellent experience shopping with us. Our Mission is to simplify the purchase of stockfish and to increase the availability of the products on a global scale.

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